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Misc. & Special Offers

Misc. & Special Offers


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Metal wine bottle & Glasses Holder Perfect for use in your garden, at bbqs, partys and picnics


Mulberry Meadow Refresher Oil.
A Beautiful strong fragrance to fill your home with the aroma of festive spice.




Uk made revolutionary new Wise feeder for poultry and game keepers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime.

The Wise feeder is designed to fit on almost any surface—cages, sheds, walls, trees and fence posts.

The Dimensions of the feeder are 300mm x 140mm x 250mm—each cartridge is 300mm x 140mm x 180mm (LxWxH).

The Wise feeder is a modular feeder with 5kg extension cartridges that can vary the capacity from the basic 5kg cage feeder right up to 20kg wall mounted option —ensuring you have the correct amount of feed available to your birds.



Now instock



Large 20kg Poultry Hopper Feeder.

A super new design made from tough solid UV stable plastics.

Similar to our tripod drinkers with a large plastic feed hopper that automatically fills the deep red feeder bowl as your birds eat.

Large lid that lifts off giving you easy access to fill the feeder .



A new robust drinker, perfect for reducing day to day watering for you birds.

Stable design on 3 plastic legs with a deep fitted blue plastic drinking bowl.

Works on Gravity,  as your birds drink the water the bowl is automatical filled through the tube.



The Brinsea Mini Eco & Eco II  Incubator - Semi-Auto Turning Upgrade Kit - Includes 2 Egg Disks

Mini II Eco Incubator Semi-Auto Turning Upgrade Kit - fits both Mini Eco and Mini II Eco incubators.

Turn your Brinsea Mini Eco incubator into a semi-auto version with this turning mechanism accessory.




New clear rubber stopper ball for our 30l poultry drinkers.

This replacment ball fits on to our 30l galvanised and 30l plastic models.




Beautiful Luxury paper napkins

Bright colourful napkins with pure breed cockerels & hens

Pack of 20



Pack of 3 Cracked Egg Candles

Each with  3.5 hour burn time

Choose from Egg yolk yellow or sping green



Pair of handmade chickens on a long natural stick



Pair of fun DIY sggs with slime



Easy to use bellow puffer suitable for applying a fine dust of powder for poultry houses and coops

For all types of poultry red mite/louse powerd including diatom



Large poultry house/coop scraper

Makes cleaning your coop quick and easy


ROPAPOULTRY OREGANO LIQUID (Used to be called Ropadire)

For a good intestinal flora balance 

Increases resistance against harmful bacteria and fungi at gastrointestinal level.

 RopaPoultry Oregano Liquid can be given throughout the year. 

It supports health before and during breeding and moulting. It is a high-energy supplement based on natural, essential oils from the oregano plant.



Very cute large real feather chick





You are bidding on a soft and very cute funky rooster

with floppy legs ,red velvet wattles and comb and soft fuzzy fur all over



Pack of 3 duck face soaps on a rope

Each soap measures approx 4.5cm across

Kids will love to lather up with this adorable soap-on-a-rope!



Pack of 3 cotton tea towels

Natural cotton printed tea towels 





Beautiful Luxury paper tissues with an all over design

Pack of 10




Beautiful metal silver plate feather necklace



Smite organic scaly leg spray  - 250ml ready to use



This blanket is a super soft fleece feel with a yellow binding made from 100% polyester fabric.

The plush duck face - bill and feet - in orange are a lovely contrast to the yellow of this baby blanket made for a boy or a girl.

Bring your newborn home in this soft duck blanket.

Or perfect gift for a baby shower to give to the mum-to-be if you don't know which they are expecting.


British Fauna Tea Towel

Brown Stag

100% Cotton


(Size: Small)


Hand Made willow basket in a rustic country style


This basket is Approx :

Dimensions (cm) 3: TOP -28 X 16 HEIGHT - 10 W/H - 17


Base moulding, body with antiwaste grill & handle,  are the only parts in this sturdy bayonet - fitting feeder.


Approx size 27 x 23cm (WxH).



Great for partys, party bags or table gift

Novelty British money designer pocket tissues

Choose from £10. £20 or £50.00

61 - 87 of 87 results