Fresh Poultry Mixed Wheat & Seed Treats


1kg bag of Fresh Poultry Mixed Wild Seed Treats

  • Non-GM
  • No Animal By-Product
  • Vegetarian

I buy this Mixed seed in large bulk bags direct from the makers so will decant 1 kilo into a clear bag for you when you place your order.
Perfect if you only have a few hens and dont want to buy a huge 25kilo sack!

Suitable for wild garden birds and pigeons too.


Chickens should be given poultry pellets and clean fresh water which must be available at all times!
Corn should be used as a treat and not as your birds main food.

Quality fresh mixed seed treats to give to your chickens from 8 weeks old as a very tasty treat.
Great to give before bed time to keep your birds full and warm during the night.
A combination of proteins and minerals which are highly beneficial when raising chickens and results in better health and egg yield .

These pellets contain a natural blend of essential oils designed to promote good health in your young chickens.

Oil 2%/ Protein 10% /Fibre 3%

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