Grow Your Own - Veg plants & Seeds

Grow Your Own - Veg plants & Seeds

There has never been a better time to grow your own food!

We have a some great easy to grow seeds and young veg plants

Our UK grown Veg plants will be availble to purchase from April to July



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Roma Plum Tomato - Young Tomato Plants - 9cm Pot

The essential plum tomato, ‘Roma’ is prized for its tangy, rich taste and dense-walled, thick flesh.

As low-moisture paste tomatoes, their flavour intensifies with heat, making them a top choice for cooking.


Golden Sun rise is a cordon variety, producing the most beautiful golden yellow fruits which are considered by many to be the best flavoured tomatoes there are.

The fruits themselves are a lovely medium size and nice and fleshy.

They are early maturing and prolific with a deliciously sweet fruity flavour to them which will add an eye catching dash of colour to any summer salad.


Borage - 8.5cm Pot - Herb 

UK Grown

Borage is an easily to grow hardy annual flowering herb that comes from Mediterranean countries.


Coriander  - 8.5cm Pot - Herb 

UK Grown

Coriander is a feathery annual herb, with clusters of spicy seeds.

Coriander plants can be used in curries and casseroles, and tastes wonderful in salads.


Speedy Seeds - Grow Your own vibrant vegetables -  21 piece complete grow kit


Pack of 500 seeds - Seed Collection 6 in 1 - Garden Vegetables -




Organic - Home Grown Pumpkin Seeds - Cinderella