Grow Your own Kit - Vibrant Vegetables -21 piece complete grow kit


Speedy Seeds - Grow Your own vibrant vegetables -  21 piece complete grow kit


Grow your own vibrant vegetables

21 piece complete grow kit


This vibrant vegetable grow kit allows you to grow quirky and unusual vegetables to liven up mealtimes.

 6 varieties of vegetables included

This kit provides everything you need to grow your own vibrant and funky veg.


This kit contains:

  • Six biodegradable plant pots
  • Six blank markers
  • A bag of compost
  • Plastic propagator with a lid
  • Detailed instruction manual 
  • Six unusual seed varieties

The six different varieties of quirky vegetables will liven up your meals and excite the taste buds. 

Rainbow beetroot mix - the colourful mixture of beetroot will liven up taste and appearance to any dish. 

Purple carrots - carrots were originally purple but over the centuries have become the lesser-known colour.

These eye-catching carrots will add a sweet taste to any summer salad when eaten raw. 

Vivid Swiss chard - The rainbow coloured stem adds a delicate flavour to salads.

Radish blush mix - With colourful shades of pink, purple and white these vibrant radish varieties will add colour and flavour to your summer dishes. 

Tomato Tigerella - These unusual tomatoes are distinguished by their red and yellow stripes, They produce heavy yields and have a lovely tangy flavour. 

Turkish turban squash - This colourful pumpkin will add beautiful flavours to any dish. Whether they are roasted, baked or steamed, these pumpkins are ideal for soups.


Box size - L:29cm x W:18.5cm x D:7.5cm.

Sow by year end 2024

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