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The perfect book for anyone struggling with incubation, hatching or rearing.

Paperback 107 pages, revised and reprinted in 2001.

This book covers the techniques and equipment needed for using small to medium sized incubators and brooders, as well as the larger systems for more exotic species.

A must have for any poultry keeper using small incubators at home, the smallholding or classroom.



Birds, Nests and Incubators by Dr Charles Deeming

Recent scientific research on egg incubation and the development of the embryo has been far reaching and exciting.

However until now it has been locked away in professional journals and conference papers.

In this book, Dr Charles Deeming, a leader in transferring academic research on incubation into the wider world has pulled into one volume the leading results in research and set them out in an accessible form for the advanced hobbyist and the professional breeder.