A Great new range of quality poultry housing, pet housing & dog & cat beds for all breeds & sizes.

We've been through all the cheap import models and rejected any which don't meet our exacting standards.




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New Chick Box Lite - Purple  - Roll Away Nest Box for Chickens 

The ‘Chick Box Lite’ is the latest nesting box in the BEC range.

 This hugely innovative product is the perfect solution for effectively managing your flock.  Our unique perch allows for poultry keepers to close the nesting area when required.

The adjustable perch is also designed to encourage birds to perch on the non slip bar or to move into the nesting area. 

The nesting box is wall mounted on a custom made bracket, making installation and removal for cleaning very easy.


ECO Wood & Plastic Chicken barn with a eco friendly weather proof plastic roofs which can also be opened.





Bec Chick Box

The Chick Box is the only Plastic Injection Moulded Nest Box System.

It offers many advantages, making Poultry keeping and welfare much easier.

Designed and is manufactured in the uk .



Large Poultry House suitable for all types of poultry including waterfowl and easily houses 4-8 birds depending on the breed & size. 

Feature external nestbox, sliding pop-hole & ventilation, access ramp, fully opening back for easy access,  2 removable perches, slide out metal floor.


sorry sold out


Large chicken cottage, a neat chicken house and run large enough to house up to 4 medium sized chickens or 4-8 Bantams (depending on breed).

Fully wired run area and a ramp leading up to the main house to roosting area with perch & double nest box.

Pop-hole can be closed from the outside and the slide out droppings tray makes cleaning easy.




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An excellent foldable run with a multitude of uses, removeable side doors means it can quickly and easily extend a run and at 42cm high fits most large fowl (including Brahma, not Malay etc.) 116cm long, 109cm wide.



Large Apex Poultry run for adding on to your Chicken house

Two opening doors and strong welded mesh.

Perfect fit with our Apex poultry house



The new unique Chicken Chateau is uk made and has been hand crafted from a solid oak wine barrel  
Fully Varnished and Watertight, with a perch and large nesting area, chicken pop hole and large rear door. 

 The Back of the barrel has a  large  door which allows for easy access and cleaning

Very strong and fox proof to give your chickens added security. 





The new unique Chicken Chateau is uk made and has been hand crafted from a solid oak wine barrel .

Hand painted to look like a Giant boiled egg !

Add a bit of fun to your chicken keeping and garden ! 







Sorry just sold out please call or email if you wish to pre order one from our next batch.


A great backgarden chicken House & Run

Apex shaped chicken house suitable for housing upto 4 of your feathered friends

With an opening rear door,pull out dropping tray & external nesting box, making this Chicken house easily accessable for cleaning and egg collecting.

Suitable for: Upto 4 Chickens or 8 Bantams



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A solid unique Rustic oak barrel dog bed

UK made and has been hand crafted from a reclaimed solid oak wine or whisky barrel .

Fully treated, Varnished and Watertight .

Rustic and Solid & Very strong Varnished oak finish Made from a Recycled/refurbuished oak barrel



An extremely attractive yet practical coop for separating a broody to sit & hatch a clutch of eggs with an access hole between 'nest' & run large enough for an Orpington.





A solid unique large oak barrel dog bed

UK made and has been hand crafted from a reclaimed solid oak wine/whisky barrel .


Made from a large 300 liter wine barrel.

This bed will last a lifetime, and is the most solid one in the market. 



25 Metres length of orange electric netting

 110cm high.

Purpose made for poultry, and complete with poles, pegs & warning signs.

High-visibility orange strands.




sold out sorry