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Eggs & Poultry is the perfect book for anyone intending to embrace the Good Life.

Whether you have a large country garden or a small city enclosure, keeping a couple of hens is essential.

This is a clear and concise book, invaluable to those thinking about embracing the good life.
This is a clear and concise book, invaluable to those new to sheep.


Allotment gardening also has additional benefits: it's an excellent way to take exercise and be sociable, and it can be therapeutic.

"The Allotment Specialist" is crammed with practical information on every aspect of growing produce on an allotment.


 Suitable for the home kitchen or small dairy, this is a classic 'how to' guide.  

Ilustrated step-by-step guides to making Cheese, Yoghurt, Cream, Butter & Ice Cream.

Paperback - 104 pages

An Ideal introduction to goats and goatkeeping from a highly experienced goatkeeper and smallholder.

A practical guide to keeping and breeding goats.


A practical guide to keeping and breeding sheep for the small flock owner.

Easy-to-read guide on all you need know about keeping bees.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping" has all the information a beginning beekeeper needs to know to start a hive and keep it buzzing.



An excellent book to get you started, with plenty for the experienced beekeeper.

Everything you need know in one great new book


Written for those who are new to beekeeping, this book aims to clarify the essential procedures that are associated with the subject.

A complete & practical gude book, suitable for both the beginner & the experienced beekeeper.

Packed with photos which makes learning how to handle your hive so much easier than older, traditional books.

144 pages, hardback.


Bees & Bee Keeping

By Derk Hall

A wonderful large new book bursting with great large photos and information




This comprehensive guide book covers everything a beginner will need.

If you are serious about starting out in beekeeping then you should look at this book.

It is packed withbeautiful images, information and practical advice

It includes a detailed look at the history of bees and beekeeping, and an extensive introduction to help you to fully understand your bees and keep them happy.



Natures wonder ingredient 100 amazing uses from traditional cures to food and beauty, with tips, hints and 40 tempting recipes.
96 pages large hardback 2011 book



Good food 101 veggie dishes

Healthy, fresh and exciting,these veggie dishes will bring flavour and variety to your mealtimes.





Whether your a vegetarian putting on a spread for visitors or a meat eater who dosnt want to disappoint vegetarian friends then this book is the perfect guide for meat free parties



A new guid book and cd of Geoff Sampler of bird songs heard in parks & gardens

This great cd will help you identify over 40 birds by their song

The book contains details of each recording and useful advice on how to listen to and interpret the sounds you hear,