Plastic feeders

Plastic feeders for Quail & Chicks to Chickens & Turkeys.

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Uk made revolutionary new Wise feeder for poultry and game keepers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime.





UK made, strong frost proof plastic Galley/coop cups

Also known as Cage Cups or Galley Pots these are perfect for feeding in small quantities or for grit, oystershell or when administering ACV, Tylan, Verm-x etc.

10 colours to choose from


Widely used for young chicks who need to find food easily. Circular dish, 42cm in diameter. Also suitable for ducklings to bathe in without fear of drowning.


Base moulding, body with anti-waste grill & handle, and lid are the only parts in this bayonet - fitting feeder.

Approx size 19cm diameter, 20cm high. (7.5x8").


orange and white 1.5kg poultry feeder

Suitable for all types of poultry from chicks and growers to bantams and quail too.



3kg high quality feeder suitable for chicks & chickens with a tight push on lid and grooves in the base to ensure an even spread of feed.


Base moulding, body with antiwaste grill & handle,  are the only parts in this sturdy bayonet - fitting feeder.


Approx size 27 x 23cm (WxH).



3k Chicken feeder

Tough and hard wearing UV resistant plastic feeder which can be hung from the central loop.



New design & Colour

Bright Green Hen Party Feeder.

Perfect feeder for chickens, hens & game birds .


Green & White Large Chicken feeder.

Complete with anti-waste bars and carrying / hanging handle and secure lid.

Large 6kg capacity.


6kg Chicken feeder

Only parts for this are lid, body with anti-wate bars & handle, and the base.

Secure, screw-in 'bayonet' fitting and hanging notch on the handle.





2.5kg capacity Ascot feeder, made in the UK and of excellent quality.

Fits seurely into the base and the moulded fins prevent food being scratched out.

Comes complete with legs.


As the Ascot feeder above but with a securely fitting rain-hat made in the UK to withstand our wind & rain!

Complete with base, body, lid, hat and legs.


Currently unavailable

An excellently designed 6kg feeder for indoor / sheltered use. Comes with metal hanging / carry bar and removeable lid ith hole for hanging cord.

Anti-waste bars & no-waste molded base complete this tough-to-beat feeder.


An excellently designed 6kg feeder complete with removeable legs & rainhat.

Anti-waste bars & no-waste molded base complete this tough-to-beat feeder.


12kg Bec poultry flock feeder - UK made in strong thick plastic.


Currently unavailable

Large 12kg  Feeder

Comprised of a feed tray, feed tube with finned base, feed flow adjuster and an ergonomic carry handle that doubles up as a hanger.

Also available to purchase seperalty - Large Rainhats /Lids /Plastic feet



Huge Bec king Feeder

Perfect for any poultry keeper who keeps a large flock 

Holds 25kg

Also available to purchase seperatlly is a specially designed rain hat that gives total protection from the rain.


Extra Large Large 25kg Bec King feeder with rain hat

FREE UK SHIPPING (Sorry UK mainland only)

The BEC Indoor King Feeder has a large capacity of 25 kilograms of feed.


FREE UK mainland delivery

The New Emperor Feeder is made from a durable UV stabilised recycled Polymer and has a capacity of 70litre/ 55kg.

Its design allows feed to flow smoothly without clogging and uses a unique rainwater capture system.

UK Made




High quality budget feeders with a push on top.

Click on the image or 'display selection' to see the sizes & options.

1.5kg Tough and hard wearing plastic feeder.