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Pick Up Truck - Metal Garden Wind Spinner


Beautiful highly detailed garden wind spinner


Create a garden design statement with this fun moving spinner.

Hand made metal pick up truck wind spinner

The wheels gently spin round in the wind .

Painted to look very old and rustic,

A superb addition to your garden. 


Approx total size: 41 cm by 3cm by 160cm TALL.          



Our wind spinners are made to stay outside in your garden but if but if strong winds, gales or snow are forecast we do recommend you take your spinner down & store Indoors.

Please use your own common sense especially if your in a very exposed spot !

Please check your spinner weekly , the nuts, bolts, pole & spinner head and make sure all parts are solid & tight as strong winds may loosen them over time.

The Spinner & all parts are all made from metal and the spinner head & pole are painted & powder coated but like all metal outside if water gets in to the metal then it will rust .

If you do not want your spinner to age & rust then we recommend cleaning your spinner ever month with a metal cleaner & then spray with a water proof outdoor clear protection varnish.

We sell a 250ml spray can of - All purpose clear yacht varnish - which you can add to your order for an additional £5.00 .

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1 - 1 of 14 results