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From gift vouchers to Incubation offers you will find them here.

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A very cute large egg shaped lamp shade

Light weight and easy to hang




You are bidding on a soft and very cute funky rooster

with floppy legs ,red velvet wattles and comb and soft fuzzy fur all over


6 fresh chicken eggs from our flock of olive & blue egg layers

Layed by our own mixed flock of large olive egg laying mixed breed chicken 

We have a beatuful mixed flock of olive egg layeing birds that lay lovely dark green eggs all suitable for hatching if you fancy a mixed flock of your own!


Garden Hens - Set of 3 Metal Garden Hens - 32cm


6 fresh free range mixed chicken eggs

Layed by our own mixed flock of Mixed pure breeds all running together with a few hybrid hens all free rangeing so you will get a mix of pure breed and some mixed breed chicks depending on who mates with who at the time!

We have a beatuful mixed flock of pure breed birds that lay lovely eggs all suitable for hatching if you fancy a mixed flock of your own!

Please read the full description for details



Bobby 0.5 – the practical powder duster with improved features

Powder dusters are ideal for applying diatomaceous earth or rockdust. Birchmeier has made changes to its Bobby power duster and it is now available in a new improved version.

Easy to use bellow puffer suitable for applying a fine dust of powder for poultry houses and coops

For all types of poultry red mite/louse powerd including diatom


Set of four wind in the willow ornaments

These fun ornaments will really add something very special to your home or garden.



Quail ceramics

Hand painted pair of  Ceramic Black Scots Dumpy Chickens from the pure breeds poultry range.

Beautiful ceramic Hen & Cockerel ornaments

With wonderful detail showing the breeds wonderful shape.


Limited Edition - King's Coronation - King Charles Magnetic Shopping Pad


Celebrate the King's Coronation with this handy magnetic shopping pad, perfect for lists and notes in the kitchen.





You are bidding on a soft and very cute funky hen with candy stripe legs ,wattles and comb and soft fuzzy fur all over


20L Poultry Drinker


These new beehive tripod drinkers come in three sizes – ten, twenty and thirty litres.

Constructed of UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene these drinkers are designed to cope with the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms across the globe.


Jellycat Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg


Uk made revolutionary new Wise feeder for poultry and game keepers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime.




Rustic metal egg holder

Painted in a pretty white and gold antique paint effect to look old and shabbie chic



An excellent and robust drinker, perfect for reducing day to day watering.

Perfect for chickens , ducks and turkeys .

 Stable design on 3 blue plastic legs with a deep fixed drinking bowl




3k Chicken feeder

Tough and hard wearing UV resistant plastic feeder which can be hung from the central loop.



Large poultry Grit Station/ Feeder 

For upto 3 kg of grit or poultry pellets

Designed to provide easy access for a wide range of poultry.

3 part feeder


Currently unavailable

As the Ascot feeder above but with a securely fitting rain-hat made in the UK to withstand our wind & rain!

Complete with base, body, lid, hat and legs.


Currently unavailable

Wood Effect Hen Egg Holder/Bowl


Currently unavailable

Smokey Scotch Whisky Salt - Real smoked Scotch Whisky Coarse Sea Salt


Natural Edible Petals - Rainbow Mix 

195ml Glass Jar


Country kitchen cream metal egg holder



Hand painted ceramic heart egg cup.



Ceramic gift boxed circus egg cup

Fun hand painted Kitchenware  made from ceramic and has been finished with a Pirate all over design.

One White Ceramic egg cup with a Coloured Silicone Top

Lots of colours to choose from



 Fine bone china mug

Hand decorated in the uk this beautiful mug will look great in any style of kitchen.

4 breeds to choose from.

Cockerel on one side and hen on the back with a smaller cockerel and hen inside the mug too.


Galvanised Bottle Drinker.

Clips through the mesh in your coop, bottle can be accessed without entering the pen.

Now with a new black plastic ring to hold the bottle better.


Bird Feet Clock



Extra Large Large 25kg Bec King feeder with rain hat

FREE UK SHIPPING (Sorry UK mainland only)

The BEC Indoor King Feeder has a large capacity of 25 kilograms of feed.


FREE UK mainland delivery

The New Emperor Feeder is made from a durable UV stabilised recycled Polymer and has a capacity of 70litre/ 55kg.

Its design allows feed to flow smoothly without clogging and uses a unique rainwater capture system.

UK Made



1 - 30 of 53 results