Gardening Essentials

Gardening Essentials

Our Plants are available from March to October.

Veg Plants are availble from April to July.

Home grown hardy plants will be listed for sale when in season.
We have miniature conifers, shrubs & Alpines available all year round.

Bulbs are available from September - December
Our Autumn Bulbs are all grade A and all purchased direct from our growers in south Lincolnshire .

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Perennial Hardy Alpine Sempervivum - Mixed Pack of 6 plants 

Small hardy alpine plants in a mixed pack of 6.

Hen & Chicks


Perennial Hardy Alpine Sedum - Mixed Pack of 6 plants 

Small hardy alpine plants in a mixed pack of 6.


Perennial Hardy Scented Thyme - Mixed Pack of 6 plants 

Small hardy alpine plants in a mixed pack of 6.

Perfect for cooking with , beds and borders an also making miniature &  fairy gardens with.



Quality British Grown Alpine plants

Pack pk 6 - Hardy perennial plants grown in 10cm pots.




so sorry sold out until mid June


New Gardeners Set Of Two Frog Plant Ties

Our New Frog Ties Are Adorable Yet very Practical.



New Gardeners Professional One Handed Shears

Stainless Steel easy to use Shears 30cm (12")




Gardeners Bulb Planter

Designed for planting bulbs or plants in turf or soil.



New Gardeners Professional Hose Cart

Holds up to a 60m 1/2 " hose.


Our Hose cart to hold 60m of professional hose comes complete with an Angled Universal Male Connector which helps to prevent the hose from kinking !

Assembly is hassle free and requires no tools.


Light-weight pressure sprayers made from strong plastic with Brass nozzle with adjustable spray & lock-down button.

For use with all our disinfectants & red mite treatments without adding too much to the cost!


Currently unavailable


Large Metal Rootrainers Racking Station

This handy racking system, designed especially for Rootrainers is a must have for experienced seed sowers and the perfect starting point for complete novices.

The rack will hold 8 Deep  Rootrainers and make a great deal of difference in the greenhouse, in polytunnels, conservatories or patios – anywhere where space is limited.

Keeping sets of Rootrainers above ground, enhances the Rootrainers unique air pruning qualities.