Hatching / Fertile Eggs

Hatching / Fertile Eggs


We send our Hatching egg out when available Monday -Thursdays only.

Eggs will be collected fresh for you after purchase.

Our eggs come with a Home Farm Fowls 'guarantee' :

Any eggs candled blank at 10 days and returned to us in our original postal box we will replace with fresh eggs, free of charge (You will just need to pay the posatge)

UK shipping only (including Scottish highlands & islands) Sorry we don't have a DEFRA licence to post outside of the UK.

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Please read the full description for details on breeds.

Eggs are collected fresh to order


6 fresh free range mixed chicken eggs

Layed by our own mixed flock of Mixed pure breeds all running together with a few hybrid hens all free rangeing so you will get a mix of pure breed and some mixed breed chicks depending on who mates with who at the time!

We have a beatuful mixed flock of pure breed birds that lay lovely eggs all suitable for hatching if you fancy a mixed flock of your own!

Please read the full description for details



6 Hatching eggs (believed fertile) from our beautiful rare white sumatras crossed with our & Modern Game Bantms

Please see the Birds  page for more information on the breed.

Our pure breed white sumtras & Black sumatras are currently running with my pure breed pile and silver duckwing bantam moden game hens so eggs this year will be a mix of pure sumtra and sumtra/moden game cross.




6 Fresh Mixed Turkey Hatching Eggs

Eggs normally ready from April onwards 




Currently unavailable


6 fresh large french copper blue Maran hatching eggs

Large quality birds very good layers




Sorry sold out 

6 Fresh Welsummer hatching eggs

Beautiful large show standard birds all unrealated to each other!

See our birds for sale for more phoros and details on our birds.


Sold out sorry