6 Mixed Bantam Eggs for Hatching


 6 fresh free range mixed bantam eggs.

Layed by our own mixed flock of bantam chickens all running together free range so you will get a mix of pure breed and some mixed breed chicks depending on who mates with who at the time!

We have a beatuful mixed flock of pure breed birds that lay lovely eggs all suitable for hatching if you fancy a mixed flock of your own!

All our birds are free range and feed on organic layers pellets,organic bird seed and fresh fruit and veg.

We always collect our eggs fresh each day after you have placed your order so please allow up to a week for dispatch when demand is high!


  • Six freshly laid eggs will be collect for you after you order is placed and posted out as soon as we can.(please bear with us when demand is high in the spring)
  • They be very well packed and sent out either royal mail tracked or with a courier
  • Please leave eggs to rest for 24 hours befor you incubate


We have all running free range togehter:
Pekins in Black, Buff, & Millefleur, Modern Game, Bantam Silkie, Sumatra, Welsummer, & Wyandotte.

Your birds will be either pure or mixed depending who mates with who! 


PLEASE NOTE - Whilst we cannot & do not guarantee the fertility or your hatch rate once eggs have been sent through the post and left to your incubation skills, we do have excellent hatch rates with our posted eggs and 100% with the eggs we set here.

Should you have any infertile eggs, then as long as you return them to us before day 15 we will be happy to replace them for you free of charge  - (when eggs are available or convenient to you.)

All we ask is that you return them in the original egg posting box after candling at 10 days after candling and pay the postal charge for us to send you more eggs free of charge when we can.


PLEASE NOTE: if you need eggs quickly please check with first before ordering and choose and pay for a 1st class or a 24h delevery method by purchasing from our Additional Shipping Costs


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