Bec - Poultry feeder Push-fit Legs x4


Set of 4 Bec push-fit legs for use with the 6kg Blenheim, 12kg Eco, 12kg Eco Deluxe, 12kg Handy & 12kg Handy Ultimate feeders and also the 6 litre & 12 litre combo drinkers.


These raise the item off the floor by 6cm (2.5") and their conical shape make them very stable and spread the weight stopping them sinking.


Choose between Green or White legs according to taste.


Product Note Price
Blenheim Indoor Poultry feeder Blenheim Indoor Poultry feeder
6 litre combo drinker 6 litre combo drinker
12 litre Chicken Combo Drinker 12 litre Chicken Combo Drinker
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