Chick Days (A beginners Guide Book)






 Paperback: 128 pages

 American / beginners book 

Publisher: Storey Publishing; 1 edition (3 Feb 2011)


Chickens are the hottest new back garden "pet"! It seems that every Tom, Dick, and Susan wants to raise chickens in his or her back garden, whether that garden is one square foot or one hundred.

There's nothing more local than an egg freshly laid right in your own yard But what should you expect when you're adopting a couple of day-old chicks? In Chick Days, Jenna Woginrich, award-winning author of Made from Scratch, the homesteading memoir for the twenty-something generation, offers a highly entertaining and informative photographic guide for today's fledgling chick parent.

Fun for the complete newbie and for families with young children, CHICK DAYS chronicles the journey of three chickens from newly hatched fluffy butterballs to grown hens laying eggs.

Day by day and week by week, readers watch the three starring chickens grow and change, learning about chicken behaviour, feeding requirements, housing, hygiene, and health-care essentials, and fun facts on all things poultry.

As Jenna herself says, "Chickens are more than 12-piece buckets, country diner kitsch, and egg whites.

They're your backyard ambassadors to healthier eating and basic husbandry. Keeping chickens is a crash course in local eating.

Jenna's witty commentary is accompanied by the photography of Mars Vilaubi, who raised three chickens himself, along with his wife and son. Their accompanying chick diary notes particular things the family learned and did along the way to make chicken raising fun.

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