Extra Large 70L Poultry Bec Emperor Feeder - UK Made



Forget those re-used chemical drums or barrels for bulk feeding.

The New Emperor Feeder is a purpose-designed feeder that blends seamlessly into its environment and employs a unique silo design ensuring that feed loaded into the top always cycles fully, leaving no dead areas for feed to be trapped providing a constant flow of fresh feed for your birds.

The Emperor Feeder is light and easy to handle and is equipped with a strong, water tight lid with a robust push click fit which is the right size and height for convenient filling.

The Emperor Feeder is also designed so that the position and angle of the legs provides optimum stability.

The entire assembled unit is inherently stable as the centre of gravity is low in relation to the leg footprint even when full. In addition, because different game species are comfortable with different feeding heights, the Emperor Feeder has legs that are easily adjusted.

As they are made of tanalised wood they can be sawn to the required length or, for smaller adjustments, the leg wedges can be fixed at different positions


The robust and inherently stable design of the new Emperor Feeder enables it to resist both being blown over by high winds and attack from badgers and with a massive feed capacity of 70 litres/ 55kg the new Emperor Feeder does not need to be replenished too often either!

The Silo Design of the Emperor Feeder ensures that birds consume feed that is always fresh. In addition, the rainwater drainage tube diverts water away from the feed area avoiding feed contamination.

Suitable for use in breeding pens and in open areas the new Emperor Feeder has a unique rainwater harvesting feature and comes complete with a drainage tube to allow for the collection of rainwater for replenishing drinking containers.


  • complete with legs, lid, feedpan & hose for water run-off.
  • Easy to put together but some self-assembly required.
  • 90cm high (3') Legs are 60cm (2') holding the feed pan is 22.5cm (9") from the ground.
  • 70 litres / 55kg


This of course can be altered by substituting your own legs.



Manufactured from heavy Glass Filled Nylon 6, The Emperor Feeder Feed Dispenser is designed to withstand long term UV exposure and is non-corrosive.  

 It is anchored to the main body using 4 large anchor screws and the unique cone feed system allows for a wide variety of feed types to be dispensed without clogging.

It has 4 feeding compartments and an auto clean and drain design allowing dust to be dropped out of the feed area and rainwater to run off around the bottom edge of the rim.

The Polymer used is non reflective minimising distress to timid birds


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