French Copper Blue Maran

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The images here show a little of the beautiful plumage of these birds but it's difficult to picture how the gold really shines, especially on the cockerels and they really seem to know how good they look, parading around; wing clapping & crowing about it... a joy to watch.

As you can see form the images, there are no splash birds in the breeding pens, only the best stock we could source, dark blue with a hint of lacing and clean legged.

The egg colour is a dark chocolate colour, speckled with darker spots but the colour is ever changing, getting lighter for a time, becoming more speckeled for a while, becoming uniform and darker too.

Obviously I'm talking about each day here, not the one egg going through those changes!

Heavy, friendy birds, loving to range around and like to flock, rarely seen wandering on their own.


Good wing length means they are relatively good fliers, they could clear a 4' fence but not clever enough to necersarily work out how or why to do such a thing.

Cockerels are well tempered but quite vocal, crowing in answer to most of the other cockerels.



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