Garlic & Herb Mega Poultry Pecker Block - 1.2kg - Natures Grub

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Natures Grub Mega Pecker

A unique 1.2kg block that can be hung as a single or stacked in multiples using our specially designed rope hanger 

Composition: Mixed Corn, Grit, Seaweed, Oregano, Mint, Garlic, Binder


These blocks dramatically reduce boredom, feather & vent pecking and egg eating, whilst provding essenstial grit for any age of bird along with specially selected ingredients to provide nutritional and digestive support for your chickens.


We have found that for best effect the blocks should be made available to birds when they are as young as possible so that they are familiar with them before they develop any vices, but any age of bird will become interested in the treats given time.


In the event of boredom or stress the special combination of seeds and flavours encourages birds to peck at the blocks hung in each pen, instead of each other.


However that is only part of the story for the blocks also incorporate abrasive elements; this means that repeated pecking at the blocks blunts the birds beaks thus reducing their ability to cause damage.


Feather pecking and cannibalism are multi-factorial syndromes and no single solution can be expected to provide a complete answer. Appropriate stocking density is crucial for example, as is management to avoid unnecessary stress, and some recently discovered aspects of nutrition can help too. However in combination with measures such as these Blocks can play a worthwhile and particularly cost effective part in reducing potential problems.


100% natural and perfect for birds kept in poultry coops or arks.





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