Large 14oz Eco Rainforest Mug - 30% Recycled Ceramics with 235g of Vegan Bear Sweets


Large 14oz Eco Rainforest Mug - 30% Recycled Ceramics & 235g of Vegan Fruity Bear Fizzy Jelly Sweets

By Milly Green


This 14oz recycled ceramic mug is great for any hot or cold drink.

When you buy this Rainforest recycled ceramic mug, 1% of the proceeds go towards the Marine Conservation Society in helping to protect our seas.

It makes the ideal gift for anyone with a passion for rainforest and planet or anybody that you know who likes to be Eco-friendly but also wants to bring a bit of convenience into their life!

  • Broken crockery is ground up and recycled into new shiny products
  • Less waste goes to landfill
  • Produces less greenhouse gas emissions


Tube of 235g  vegan Fruity & Fizzy jelly's inside the mug

Fizzy coated tasty sweets

100% vegan - best before date Aug 2022


Milly Green’s British collection of colourful & contemporary home & gift ware has an Eco-friendly ethos, creating wonderfully stylish products that are sustainably produced with Bamboo and other recycled materials.

1% of the proceeds of each purchase will go towards ecological initiatives and organisations that give back to our amazing planet.

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