Large Snail Porcelain Photo Mug



A beautiful large hand made fine Bone china mug

Decorated with photos of real snails 

  •  wrap round design
  • 15oz/425ml
  • 10.8cm by 8.7cm
  • Hand made  

Bone China Porcelain is made of 50% bone ash, 25% of china clay and 25% china stone.

It is combined with water to make slurry, which is then fashioned into Mugs.

The Mugs are fired in a kiln at high degrees of heat (1100c to 1250c) for the china to become hard and strong.

It is the bone that gives the Bone China its transparent whiteness.

The porcelain is fine, thin, hard, strong and translucent known as "Bone China" it is so thin you can hold it to a light bulb and see through it.
After being fired, the mugs are polished, re-heated and glazed with a coating which enables the ink  to print the designs, to embed into the mugs.

Designs are printed using an ink-jet printer onto a special paper.

The paper is then wrapped round the mug and taped in place, and then heat pressed (in a machine that combines high temperature and pressure).

The special ink is fine dry granules held in a liquid carrier, which when heated "sublimates" into a gas and with the help of both the heat and the pressure being applied, is embedded into the surface of the mug.

As the dyes cool they turn back into a solid and have bonded with the special coating, which means the design is now permanently in the surface of the mug.
The results are the beautifully coloured, high definition designs you see on these amazing new  mugs!

Dishwasher and Microwave safe

The process does not contain any metallic coatings so can be safely used in the microwave.
With regard to dish washing machines, I have domestically dish washed many samples of  these mugs without problems, but would still recommend hand wash only to maintain the vibrancy of the design.

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