UK Grown Alpine Plants - Mixed Packs of 6 Sempervivum - Hen & Chicks


Quality British Grown Alpines, all hardy &  perennial plants grown in 9cm pots.

All our plants are suitable for :

  • Sempervivums are ideal for pots, beds, Planters & rockeries

  • Perfect for filling gaps or planting into crevices in walls or paving

  • Enjoy a broad array of bright colours and little flowers, from late spring through to late summer.
  • These hardy plants will remain evergreen
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Supplied as 6 small young plants
  • Planted in a 9cm pots

They are all easy to grown, hardy, strong tried & tested varieties

Position: full sun to partial shade
Hardiness: fully hard

Sempervivums, or houseleeks, are hardy, succulent, alpine plants that grow in the wild between rocks in mountainous regions.

Succulents are commonly grown in containers, but they can thrive in bricks, driftwood and tufa rock, due to their ability to grow in very little compost. South-facing rockeries, gravel gardens and vertical walls also make good habitats.

They perform best in a sunny, outdoor position, in a well-drained compost, with sharp horticultural grit added for drainage.
A layer of grit added to the surface of the compost further aids drainage.

They are most valued for their distinctive rosettes of succulent, spirally patterned foliage, although they also bear attractive flowers from spring to summer.

Each rosette is a separate plant, and is monocarpic – it flowers once and then dies, but is soon replaced by other new rosettes, called offsets.
These offsets can be separated and planted up, and will then grow into new clumps.

They don't need feeding, but do benefit from being re-potted each year into compost containing slow-release fertiliser.

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