New 2021 Covatutto 16 Egg, Digital & Automatic Egg Incubator


Covatutto 16 Egg, Digital & Automatic Egg Incubator

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So easy to use & easy to clean.

This neat new incubator is equipped with a clear easy to read digital display to allow the quick change of temperature settings making it suitable for the incubation of a wide range of species.
Fully automatic egg turning device, digital equipment controls to manage the heating, water refill & egg-hatching.
Can Hold approximate- Chicken 16 or Quail 40 or Partridge 20 or Guinea fowl 18 or Pheasant 18 or Turkey 8 or Duck 10 or Goose 4
The integrated water-pan let's you to add water from the outside without oping the lid!
The digital display reminds you automatically to refill water when needed.
Three inside lamps warrant a uniform heating all over the incubator.
The new Covatutto Digital is user-friendly, compact, easy to use and easy to clean and designed thinking about every detail needed for a successful hatch time and time again.
High quality material, made in Italy, complete with full illustrated manual guide.
Ideal for hobbyists and professional alike.
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