Pair of Black Scott's Dumpy Chicken Ornaments


Quail ceramics

Hand painted pair of  Ceramic Black Scots Dumpy Chickens from the pure breeds poultry range.

Beautiful ceramic Hen & Cockerel ornaments

With wonderful detail showing the breeds wonderful shape.


About this rare breed-

Scots Dumpy, also known as Bakies, Crawlers and Creepies have been bred in Scotland for over a century. 

Similar breeds can be traced back to AD900 and it is said that the Picts used to carry them into their battle camps where they used to warn of approaching strangers. 

They have a very heavy body and waddle as they walk due to their very short legs. 

They are large, low birds with long broad bodies, a deep breast and medium sized, neatly tucked wings. 

The tail is long and flowing and they have a fine head.

The beak is curved, the eyes are large and bright and they have a medium single comb which is upright and serrated.

The face is smooth and the earlobes are small while the wattles are medium sized. They have four toes and very short legs.


Cockerel - 13cm by 12cm by 6cm

Hen - 10.5cm by 9cm by 6.5cm

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