Poultry Bobby Duster Mite Powder Puffer



Light weight bellow puffer suitable for  applying a fine dust of powder

For all types of poultry red mite/louse powerd including diatom


      • Very easy to use (just push the bellow in and out)

      • Transparent plastic tank

       • Large end bellow generates a smooth powder cloud to get your powder into everY nook and crannie!


Hand held plastic Pump Duster for application of all Powder based Insecticides, and Pesticides - suitable for larger applications


Whether it be rockdust for organic pest control or diatomaceous earth for poultry keeping – the right device makes it much easier to apply powder effectively. Birchmeier has further improved its Bobby powder duster with new, practical features. As a result, the product is now much more convenient and easier to use.
As with the previous device, powder can be applied evenly and economically. The large bellows remain unchanged.
Bobby is now available with various attachments. Depending on the application, the powder duster can be fitted with an angled, conic or flat attachment in order to produce the desired dusting pattern. As a result, the powder is applied optimally to the areas to be treated or the undersides of leaves.

Applications with diatomaceous earth:
- Preventing and treating mite infestations in pet care and poultry keeping
- Repelling pests

Applications with rockdust in organic pest control
- Repelling snails
- Repelling insects and beetles
- Strengthening plants against fungal attacks
- Improving the aroma of fruit and vegetables

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