Quality UK Grown - Golden Sunrise - Young Tomato Plant - 9cm pot


Golden Sun rise is a cordon variety, producing the most beautiful golden yellow fruits which are considered by many to be the best flavoured tomatoes there are.

The fruits themselves are a lovely medium size and nice and fleshy.

They are early maturing and prolific with a deliciously sweet fruity flavour to them which will add an eye catching dash of colour to any summer salad.

Best time to plant in a greenhouse is March to May If you have a harsh frost the plants will turn blue and you may lose some of the leaves, but the plant should still grow out of it when it warms up. If the main stem collapses then you have lost your plant but that is unusual.

If you're planting outside then the 3rd week in May is the best time to plant them after the frosts have gone.

  • Planting time: Mar -  May
  • Hardiness: Not Hardy- Protect from cold nights & frost
  • Three plants growing in a veg strip 

Growing Instructions:
Plant 45cm apart in well drained soil in a large pot or ideally in a hanging basket inside a greenhouse. If you don't have a greenhouse, you can grow in a conservatory or windowsill until all frosts have passed then slowly acclimatise them to the outdoors over 4-6 days and find the sunniest/warmest position you have in your garden.

Keep young plants well watered until established and in dry weather.

As they grow they will naturally grow in a downwards direction.

Feed only once you see 3-4 tomatoes starting to swell NOT BEFORE (this is because the plant will not want to reproduce if it’s being fed and watered nicely).

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