The Chicken Chateau (Large wine/whisky barrel coop)



The new unique Chicken Chateau is uk made and has been hand crafted from a solid oak wine or whisky barrel .

We know that Plastic & Plain traditional chicken coops are not for everyone,  especially for those with country & urban designer gardens and grounds so we think we have found the answer with these beautiful & unique Oak wine Barrel coops.

Fully treated, Varnished and Watertight, with a perch and large nesting area, chicken pop hole and large rear door  .

The Back of the barrel has a  large  door which allows for easy access and cleaning.

Solid , Very strong and fox proof to give your chickens added security. 

This coop is for collection only (by appointment) from north lincolnshire.


The coop is fully assembled and ready to place straight into your garden, orchard or your chicken run.

Perfect for use with our fox free electric fencing.


So Easy to keep clean & mite free with our poultry blitz kits and smoke bombs that will kill all mite & lice and will penatrate deep into the wood for lasting protection.

(please see our heath & welfare section for full details )


  • Unique Design
  • Solid heavey Oak recycled wine barrels
  • Houses 2-3 Chickens
  • Watertight & Varnished
  • Perch and Nest Area
  • Two doors
  • Fox Proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Well Ventilated


94 cm in height, 66cm in diameter.

Approx. 32kg in weight.


 Just change the perch for a ladder inside and its also perfect for rabbits, guineapigs or ferrets too ! (if placed in a secure run/fenced off area)  

Also perfect for small ducks (again just remove the perch)


Made from Rustic thick, strong reclaimed and recycled oak wine barrels to create a stylish and fun coop for your pets.


Perfect for pairs or trios (or 2-3 chickens) Depending on breed and size.(more if small bantams like dutch,seramas, moden game etc)


Please call for more details or to view our new range of coops  : 01673 878 095 


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