Feather Pecking, & Topical Antiseptics

Anti Feather-pecking sprays & solutions, skin protectors, wound powders, sprays and topical treatments.

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A natural easy to use spray for spraying directly onto poultry to prevent feather pecking and cannibalism in a poultry flock.

Eliminates characteristic scent of other birds.
Bitter tasting
Clear solution does not cause staining - especially useful for show birds and white birds.

Use when needed for 5-7 days



Agrivite Enhance Supplement for shell & bone

Just add to your birds drinking water.

An intensive Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 Liquid supplement for development of bone strength, egg shell quality and to support feathering.

Iodine has long been used as a highly effective topical antiseptic wound cleaner it has a potent microbial activity against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and some viruses.


Net Tex drying Powder

Black 150g puffer bottle

Bactericidal powder for minor skin cuts, bites, scratches, irrations and abrasions

For all farm animals, horses, poultry & pets



Net Tex Septi Clense +

Animal & Poultry Wound dressing spray


Available in Clear



400g of poultry Stockholm Tar

A natural, anti bacterial but very gooey substance, used for years to treat cuts & abrasions and stops feather pecking.


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