Borage - 8.5cm Pot


Borage - 8.5cm Pot - Herb 

UK Grown

Borage is an easily to grow hardy annual flowering herb that comes from Mediterranean countries.

Pretty star-shaped pure blue flowers are borne from early summer though to autumn, on spreading bushy plants 60cm high.

Bees & Butterflies just love borage and the blooms are some of their favourite flowers.

Borage is an edible herb, and the attractive blooms are a popular garnish to summer drinks, particularly in cocktails.

The young leaves have a cool cucumber flavour and are ideal to add to salads and salad dressings.

Borage thrives in a sunny spot and needs a well-drained soil.

Because the flowers are so attractive to bees, it’s a useful plant to grow alongside fruit and vegetables to entice more insects to pollinate crops.

  • Grow in average, well drained soil.

  • Position - A sunny spot where bumblebees and other large pollinators are desired.

  • Frost tolerant

  • Seedlings will survive light frosts, but older plants are easily damaged.
  • Companions - Tomato, Strawberry and Squash. A good companion for any crop that needs strong defense from insects. Borage attracts large buzzing insects that dominate their air space.

  • Spacing - Single Plants: 35cm (1' 1") each way (minimum) - Rows: 30cm (11") with 60cm (1' 11") row gap (minimum)

  • 8.5cm pots
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