Crufts Dog Pool (perfect for ducks)


80cm X 20cm


Dogs paddling pool made from sturdy material ideal for letting your dog cool down in the summer or can be used to bath.

Also perfect for children or ducks too!

Keep your pooch cool on hot summer days with a paddling pool of their very own!

Fantastic for fun loving dogs that love to play in the water.

Strong PVC paddling pool will cool your dog down, and give them somewhere to play during the summer, it's reinforced walls and strong PVC material designed to hold up to dog nails.

Measuring 80cm diameter by 20cm tall, portable and fordable paddling pool.

Really quick & easy to set up, it allows hot dogs to cool down in no time.

Crufts dog paddling pool Keep dogs cool in the summer Strong PVC material Portable and fordable Easy to set up Reinforced walls

Size: 80cm diameter x 20cm

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