Hardy Perennial Large 10.5cm Pots - Mixed Saxifrage - PK of 6


Mixed Saxifrage - PK of 6

Quality British Grown Alpines, all hardy &  perennial plants grown in 9cm pots.

All our plants are suitable for :

  • Saxifrage are ideal for pots, beds, Planters & rockeries

  • Perfect for filling gaps or planting into crevices in walls or paving
  • Enjoy a broad array of bright colours and stunning flowers, from late spring through to late summer.
  • These hardy plants will return year after year, needing little maintenance
  • Supplied as a small young plant
  • Planted in a 10.5cm pots

They are all easy to grown ,hardy, strong tried & tested varieties

Position: full sun to partial shade
Hardiness: fully hard

Please unpack your plants straight away & water.


Routine maintenance

Although many alpine plants grow on very poor soils, always water after planting and in very dry spells.
Feed in spring with a general fertiliser at just 1⁄4 of the strength that the manufacturer recommends for other plants to ensure best results.

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