Poultry drinker heater 30cm

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New large 30cm adjustable drinker heater plate for poultry/chicken drinkers.

Perfect for winter to keep your birds water frost and ice free.

For use inside the coop or poulty house.


  • Plastic covered
  • 2.2m cable
  • Dia 30cm
  • 230v
  • 12 watt.
  • Fitted with a UK plug.



Just stand your drinker on top of the heat plate to keep the water ice-free.

With its 30cm diameter base and extending arms it can hold a wide variety of different sized drinkers (with flat bases!).

May we suggest standing the heating plate off the ground a little so that the heat does not just sink into the ground or bedding!

As always, please be careful when using electricity around water and try and keep spills to a minimum

Take extra care to cover any electrical connections/plugs placed outside to keep them dry.

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