The Chicken Cottage 2

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A Good sized chicken house and run  large enough to house up to 4 medium sized chickens or 4-8 Bantams (depending on breed) with room for your poultry to roam.

Fully wired run area and a ramp leading up to the main house with perch and double nest box.

Roof slopes to the back an is covered in ashfelt, securely glued down to offer no shelter to red-mite.

The wood has been fully stained and pressure treated.


There is a large door to the run area and a door to the house to make the cottage accessible and easy for cleaning, the pull-out metal tray underneath the perch makes this house very quick and very easy to keep clean with lift out perch & floors means everything can be cleaned & all mites got!



The pop-hole can be opened & closed from outside using the metal pull action handle.

Now treated in a darker stain to complement any garden.

1/4" square galvanised mesh.


Approx size over all :

length 175 cm

Height 130 cm

Width 75cm



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