Large Emperor Feed Pan


Large feedpan, normally only needed with very messy feeders such as turkeys etc.

Usually used with the Emperor feeder but available seperately for use with DIY barrel feeders.


Simply cut an 8cm (3") hole in the base of a barrel & screw the dispenser over the hole.

This can then be hung from a tree / frame, bolted to tripod legs or afixed to the side of the poultry house.


Feed flows down the central funnel into the four feeding troughs and is automatically replenished as it is used.

Specially designed screens within the pan separate the feeding troughs to prevent aggression amongst feeding birds. Each feeding trough has a unique drainage slot allowing water and dust to escape.


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Extra Large 70L Poultry Bec Emperor Feeder - UK Made Extra Large 70L Poultry Bec Emperor Feeder - UK Made
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