Net Tex Septi Clense +


Net -Tex Septi Clense
Instant cleanser with a powerful bactericidal action
250ml spray

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Developed to control and inhibit immediately any existing or possible infection from airborne or contact germs resulting from external wounds, grazes or skin punctures that require on the spot attention

  • Antibacterial and Spray for deep wounds caused by pecking, spurs and claws
  • Kills bacteria and starts to re-epithelisation process
  • Stops threat of infection quickly
  • Leaves violet residue after application so you can see if entire area was treated (or clear also available)
  • On the spot attention to woulds

Perfect for use with all farm animals and poultry
Many poultry owners will be all too familiar with the 'pecking order' and the fights that result from it.
Often these chicken wars will cause injuries to the flock and will leave many birds injured with flesh wounds.

Septi-Clense Solutions products are the easy way to treat superficial wounds and abrasions and work quickly to kill bacteria to stop the threat of infection.

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