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Misc. & Special Offers

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Natural oregano liquid for all poultry

Cost-effective control of internal parasites, viruses & bacteria including Coccidiosis, Mycoplasma, Salmonella, E. coli etc.

Dilutes 1:10 in drinking water so 250ml is enough for 2,500 litres of water (not all needed in one go!)


Smite organic scaly leg spray  - 250ml ready to use



Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder - Odour free, stain free and pesticide free.

Smite Powder is an organic, naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.


A mineral supplement for all poultry

A unique blend of spices and vitamin C to support all-round condition and performance.

The tasty blend of minerals and spices encourages consumption, helps maintain immunity, encourages growth, promotes good egg shell quality and supports egg laying performance.




30 Litre Plastic drinker. An excellent and robust drinker, perfect for reducing day to day watering

Stable design on 3 metal legs, plastic body & bowl allows for cider vinegar to be added.

Full range of spares now avaialble everything from a rubber ball to replacment legs or body





orange and white 1.5kg poultry feeder

Suitable for all types of poultry from chicks and growers to bantams and quail too.




Extra Large 25kg sack

Unique broad spectrum powdered disinfectant. Very strong and very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-funga




Cast iron rooster/cockerel country doorstop


MS35 Automatic turning, fan assisted with digital control.

35 hen egg capacity, excellent results and 1 year guarantee.

Comes factory calibrated and with hygrometer & thermometer for total hatching control.



6 fresh free range Mixed Breed chicken eggs (large and bantam mix)

Layed by our own mixed flock of large and bantam pure breeds all running together so you will get a mix of pure breed and some mixed breed eggs.

We have : Pure Welsummer, Copper blue Maran, gold, black and white silkies, mixed game birds, pekins & sumatra

Eggs will be collected for you after you place your order.





LARGE Stackackable poultry transport crate with easy open top door




Beautiful Luxury paper napkins

Bright colourful napkins with pure breed cockerels & hens

Pack of 20



A Beautiful Stong 100% natural cotton Shopping Bag with long handles/sholder straps

Perfect unusual gift idea!

stunning watercolour flock of pure breeds  design

Made from unbleached natural heavy weight cotton



Hand carved and hand painted Heava wood Bowl

Decorated all the way around the outside with a hand painted hen, duck, cow, pig & sheep

Smaller 17.5cm version to our our matching large fruit bowl that was on Emmerdale on ITV on April the 5th 2017!





Large 30 Litre Galvanised drinker.

An excellent and robust drinker, perfect for reducing day to day watering.

Stable design on 3 metal legs.

 Put a clove of garlic in the body of the drinker to keep the water sweet!

Full range of spares now avaialble everything from the rubber ball to replacment legs or body


We have quality pure breed Large Welsummer pairs for sale

Hatched from very dark brown eggs

Hatched April the 26th 2016

If you would like to reserve some of our chickenss please email or call us today.
Email or call :01673 878095

Collection only please (by appointment) from North Lincolnshire.



Strong Large 5L Funky Green chicken drinker

  • 5 litre capacity
  • Frost proof
  • UV resistant
  • 100% Recyclable Plastic
  • Made in the EU



The cutest salt & pepper shakers ever!

Hand painted hugging ceramic chickens, 6cm high with little rubber stoppers underneath.




New Hova-Bator 60 egg Incubator.

220V UK  Version - 25W
Free 3 year Guarantee. 


Currently unavailable


Metal 12L Poultry Bucket Drinker.

Neat design made from galvanised steel, this durable drinker is perfect for poultry and pheasants.




Unique broad spectrum powdered disinfectant.


8kg Tub of Stalosan F

Very strong and very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal.


Biosecurity means taking steps to ensure good hygiene practices are in place so that the risk of a disease occurring or spreading is minimised. These steps are associated with particular measures and methods adopted to secure a disease free environment for your birds.






Extra large Nutri-Peck blocks perfect for dramatically reduce boredom, feather & vent pecking and egg eating.


whilst provding essenstial grit and specially selected ingredients to provide nutritional and digestive support for your chickens.

Large 1,4 kg block and ready to hang with a metal chain.


For up to 350 Chickens!



12kg Poultry Treadle Feeder.

The treadle feeder is a perfect way to protect the poultry food from vermin and the weather.

Its unique design keeps the poultry feed safe until the weight of a hen is applied.





Plastic brooder cover plate .

Strong, Clear & easy to clean plastic.

Simply fits over the top of your 25cm comfort Brooder.




Pink galvanised metal bucket drinker with handle and stand


Galvanised metal cage on legs, ideal for rearing chicks.

Mesh wire bottom with muck drawer for easy cleaning.

Sheltered end for heat lamp or electric hen.

Size: 101 x 54 x 51 cm


A beautiful metal trinket box, Fully enamelled, gold plated & hand painted with great skill and detail

With 17 real crystal stones.



Egg Pricker

Prevents eggs from cracking whilst boiling




New Chicktec Vision 30

Fully automatic smart new egg incubator with a LCD control .

Holds :

  • 28-30 Hens eggs
  • 20 Duck
  • 12 Goose
  • 52 Quail

Complete with universal dividers meaning that you can incubate a wide variety of Species from a tiny quail egg right up to a large goose egg.




In stock

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1 - 30 of 93 results