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Misc. & Special Offers

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The cutest salt & pepper shakers ever!

Hand painted hugging ceramic chickens, 6cm high with little rubber stoppers underneath.



TLC-40 Eco Brooder.


Altricial species of birds (including all parrots and birds of prey) are blind and helpless when they hatch and it is some weeks before they are able to move around, control their body temperature and feed themselves.

During this period the young birds need to be kept in a clean, temperature controlled environment.

As they grow and develop down and feathers they can gradually tolerate lower temperatures and the breeder needs to be able to reduce the chamber temperature easily, whilst still maintaining control.

Young birds also benefit from being able to see humans from within the chamber;during this early stage in their development it is essential for young birds to become familiar with the presence of people if they are to be tame in adulthood.





6 fresh free range Mixed Breed chicken eggs (large and bantam )

Layed by our own mixed flock of large and bantam pure breeds all running together so you will get a mix of pure breed and some mixed breed eggs.

We have : Pure large Welsummer, Black Marans, Light Sussex, French Copper blue Maran, gold, black and white silkies, mixed game birds, Millfleur, Black & Porcelain pekins & white & black sumatra

Eggs will be collected for you after you place your order.





A Beautiful crystal chicken brooch

Complete with a small silver gift box



Ovation 28 EX


In Stock

Click here to see our new Ovation 28 video - Ovation 28 EX incubator


Large 15kg sack

Unique broad spectrum powdered disinfectant. Very strong and very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-funga




A Beautiful Stong 100% natural cotton Shopping Bag with long handles/sholder straps

Perfect unusual gift idea!

stunning watercolour flock of pure breeds  design

Made from unbleached natural heavy weight cotton




orange and white 1.5kg poultry feeder

Suitable for all types of poultry from chicks and growers to bantams and quail too.



Pack of 10 mixed size leg rings

for chicks or ducklings


Pack of 10 handy Eco Carry boxes for chickens and small ducks
Perfect for Poultry shows and auctions and great if you need to take your bird to the vet



10L UK made poultry drinker

These new beehive tripod drinkers come in three sizes – ten, twenty and thirty litres.

Constructed of UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene these drinkers are designed to cope with the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms across the globe.



12kg Poultry Treadle Feeder.

The treadle feeder is a perfect way to protect the poultry food from vermin and the weather.

Its unique design keeps the poultry feed safe until the weight of a hen is applied.




GOLD Winner at the 2009 Industry Awards, Cookware & Bakeware category !!

Silicone Egg Poacher for perfectly poached eggs !

This set of two Non-Stick Egg Poachers are made from FDA approved silicone and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

One yellow and one white.



Strong Large 5L Funky Green chicken drinker

  • 5 litre capacity
  • Frost proof
  • UV resistant
  • 100% Recyclable Plastic
  • Made in the EU



Heavy duty & British made galvanised steel drinker.

Will last a lifetime.



Large poultry Grit Station/ Feeder 

For upto 3 kg of grit

Designed to provide easy access for a wide range of poultry.


Fine Bone China Wrendale Tea, Coffee & Sugar Jars.
Designed by Wrendale Designs for Royal Worcester/Portmerion

Each jar Measures 15cm high To the top of the lid by 10.5cm diameter

Dishwasher and microwave safe



one Bouncy rubber joke egg

Great fun toy

very real looking rubber hen egg

Perfect for children age 5 to 95 !!


Compact, easy to read and extremely accurate digital incubation thermometer.

Discriminates to one 10th of a degree and accurate to +/- 0.1 degree Celcius.



Cast iron rooster/cockerel country doorstop



Funkie bright duck dish brush in a cracked egg holder with scrubby scouring pad.

Each set is presented in its own gift tin so makes the ideal gift !




Duck shaped bath fizzer (both bomb)



This cute duck brush will have you going quackers over the washing up.

Perfect for scubbing clean your poultry drinkers and feeders too!





Dunoon fine bone china mug and gift box

Wild Country

Wild hare



Tired of waiting for evolution to make eggs more manageable and suit the shape of you sandwiches?

Then you need an egg cuber! An ingenious gadget which turns a hard boiled egg into a cube!




Egg Pricker

Prevents eggs from cracking whilst boiling




Beautiful Luxury paper pocket tissues with an all over chicken design

Pack of 10


 Replacement strong thick black rubber stopper ball for our 30l poultry drinkers

These replacments balls fit on to our 30l Tripod drinkers most of the large free standing poultry drinkers 30L galvanised,30l plastic models too




Real chicken feather earrings.

Hand made from real feathers so each pair will be slightly different.

Choose from 5 bright colours pink, yellow, blue, green or orange



Cute hen magnet with dangly string legs

Made from ceramic and hand painted with the little magnet on the back



1 - 30 of 79 results