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A fun range of childrens & adults poultry & smallholding party wear

If you have ever fancied being a cow, pig, peacock or chicken for the day then you have just found the best selection of quality cosumes avaliable !

We have farm animal masks, Feet , Beaks and full costumes too!


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Full size adult Chicken Costume Costume

Includes: Full Chicken Suit with Big soft chicken head





Full size Adult Fox Costume Costume

Includes: Full fox Suit with Big soft head 


sorry sold out


Plush Pig Costume - adult size with big head, shoe covers & gloves.

One size fits most.




Plush COW Costume 

adult size with  head.

One size fits most 



Superb rubber rooster mask

perfect for Easter, fancy dress partys, farmyards promotions etc etc

Quality rubber full overhead cockerel face maskwith great detail




Pair of fun Rubber chicken feet



Real Feather Head band duck musk with quacking sound



Fun cockerel face mask with cock-a- do-dal doo sound!

Soft fur mask

Suitable for adults & children

Great for Fancy dress partys




Bright Yellow chicken Feather Eye Mask

Made with real feathers



Beautiful Real Feather Bird mask With Beak

Made with real feathers

Black Feathers and Black Beak.




Beautiful green & black feather bird mask

Made with real feathers

With braid trim around eyes

Beautiful Real Feather Peacock Eye Mask Made with real peacock feathers

Fab Easy to wear childrens fancy dress mask

A rubber chicken beak with waddle

It attaches with a stretchy head band. real It's easy to wear



Currently unavailable